My name is Anne-Marie Fuller and I am your
Green Party Candidate for Tralee

The Green Party and I stand for a more sustainable economy, a fair society that strengthens community and a flourishing environment for all.

Electing me will mean I can influence decisions made in Kerry County Council to make sure they align with these values and make the Tralee area an even better place to live.


I am running for the council to protect my girls’ future. We need to urgently deal with climate change/global warming. According to recent scientific reports we now have 11 years left to make a real difference to limit climate change. As a scientist I take these reports very seriously. I want to be able to look my girls in the eye and tell them that I tried my best to limit it. I know that the solutions to halt climate change are the same solutions that can help make Tralee a better place to live and visit. Without strong political leadership the transformation we need will not happen quickly enough. Current politicians are not prioritising this as they should, they are all talk and no action. They are “climate delayers” they accept something needs to be done about climate change yet constantly delay action. Under these circumstances I feel a moral duty to take action myself and stand for election.

 Below is a video on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s report on Global warming. I am running for local council because I take this report very seriously and believe we need to act now.


Thriving Local EconomyThrivThriving Local Community

We need the council to better support local businesses and create a vibrant environment that allows for jobs to be created.  We need to take full advantage of the available National and EU funding for urban regeneration.

In particular I want to:

º Promote the development of a circular economy in Tralee

º Significantly increase the amount of community owned renewables

º Help ramp up the number of retrofitted homes, community centres and businesses

Greta Thunberg (below) is my inspiration.

Happy Healthy Connected Community

I want to help make Tralee an even better place to live and bring up children by improving its surroundings and the well-being of our community. As a parent I want to help improve childcare options in the town

I would also like to see an engaged council focussing on: 

º Making Tralee safer and accessible for pedestrians and wheelchair users

º Helping to improve public transport options, cycling and electric vehicle infrastructure

º Supporting community awareness and accessibility of classes, events and meetings

I believe in a circular economy


Anne-Marie (originally from Dublin) lives in Tralee with her husband Patrick Falvey (a Tralee native) and their two young daughters Orla and Alva. Tralee has been their home for 3 years after moving back from Scotland to be near family.  Anne-Marie’s background is as a scientist, project manager and business development manager. After university in Scotland she worked for a start-up in the oil and gas industry before deciding to move into the renewables sector. There she worked with universities and companies in Scotland developing new solar technologies.  Currently she is a stay-at-home parent, board member of Kerry Sustainable Energy Co-op (KSEC) and a Cool Planet Champion for Kerry. When she gets to have a bit of time to herself, she likes nothing better than to sit down with a nice cup of tea.




If you believe in what I believe in and want to see me elected, I need your help please. The biggest thing you can do is ask your family, friends and anyone who you think will listen to you to vote in the local elections and give me their first preference vote. Send them the link to this website if they want to know more about me.